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Fire and Water Restoration in Bellevue, NE

ServiceMaster of Sarpy County has been providing homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, and the neighboring communities with disaster restoration and cleaning services since 1997. Every one of the technicians we employ has IICRC certification and the proper equipment to conduct effective disaster restoration work and assist property owners when they are in need of assistance.

To provide our services, we use the industry’s latest restoration equipment and techniques. We are also a quality restoration vendor (QRV), so you can trust us to provide exceptional restoration services.

Why Choose ServiceMaster

Call (402) 293-1625 to get in touch with ServiceMaster of Sarpy County for any of the disaster restoration or cleanup services listed below.

The following are the disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Biohazard, trauma, and crime scene cleaning
  • Hoarding cleaning

We, at ServiceMaster of Sarpy County, take great pride in providing quality disaster restoration and exceptional customer service to help out our local community. From schools to hospitals, we have assisted many local properties with water damage and mold situations. We were also one of the nominees of the 2014 Marion E. Wade Award, which is the highest honor awarded to ServiceMaster’s best North American franchise.

At ServiceMaster of Sarpy County, our technicians are available to respond to your emergencies on a 24/7 basis. Call (402) 293-1625 to get in touch with us for the emergency disaster restoration services we offer in Bellevue, NE, and the neighboring communities.

ServiceMaster-by-JLK-Water-Damage-Restoration-Bellevue-NEWater Damage Restoration – Bellevue, NE

Because of the various ways that water damage can occur, it is known to be the most common type of property damage. When water damage does occur, it can result in serious issues. There are natural causes of water damage like rainfall and flooding, and there are internal issues that cause water damage like sewage backups and plumbing problems. No matter the cause, it must be addressed immediately because porous materials will continue to absorb the water and suffer damage until it gets removed. With time, mold growth also becomes more likely. With our water damage restoration services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, that have experienced this issue. Our professional technicians will completely extract the standing water and excess moisture, clean your property, and restore the damaged areas.

Fire-Damage-ServiceMaster-by-JLK-Bellevue-NEFire Damage Restoration – Bellevue, NE

Fires can not only cause extensive damage, but they also threaten people’s lives. Once the flames have been put out, it is a relief; however, the damage does not end there. Smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts continue to cause damage, because they keep spreading throughout the property. Without prompt action, the damage will become permanent. So restoration must be done immediately. With our fire damage restoration services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, that have experienced fire damage. From structural repairs to soot cleaning and smoke odor removal, our professional technicians will handle the entire fire damage restoration process.

Mold-Remediation-Services-in-Bellevue-NEMold Remediation – Bellevue, NE

Finding mold growing in your home or building is concerning because it is a hazardous substance that can result in significant property damage as well as health problems. Often, mold grows in response to water damage or excess moisture. Mold spores grow in areas that provide them with a moisture source and the affected materials provide a food source. The mold needs to be removed promptly to prevent further property damage and to limit the health problems it causes. With our mold remediation services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, that are the site of mold growth. Our professional technicians will contain the mold to prevent it from spreading further, completely remove the mold, and restore the affected areas.

Sewage-Backup-Cleanup-in-Bellevue-NESewage Cleanup – Bellevue, NE

Water damage, on its own, is already a serious concern. But it becomes even more problematic if the water damage involves sewage. This is because water that has been contaminated by sewage contains toxins and waste materials that can permanently damage your property. Anything that absorbs sewage water also takes in the harmful substances from the sewage. Additionally, sewage presents a health risk. Knowing this, people should keep their distance from sewage water. With our sewage cleanup services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, that have experienced damage by sewage. Our professional technicians will safely remove sewage and the contaminated water from your property and clean and disinfect the damaged areas.

ServiceMaster-by-JLK-Flood-Damage-Restoration-Bellevue-NEFlood Cleanup – Bellevue, NE

Indoor flooding can quickly result in serious damage because of the amount of water involved. There are several possible sources of indoor flooding including heavy rain and natural floods, as well as sewage backups, pipe bursts, and similar problems. Flooding can cause significant damage because the surrounding furnishings and porous building materials will absorb the water. Affected building materials may experience severe structural damage and the risk of mold growth is high. At ServiceMaster of Sarpy County, we provide flood cleanup to help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE that have been affected by flooding. We use advanced extraction equipment to remove standing water and thoroughly dry and restore the affected areas and materials.

Biohazard-and-Trauma-Scene-Cleaning-Services-in-Bellevue-NEBiohazard and Trauma Cleaning – Bellevue, NE

While unfortunate, serious accidents and violent crimes can occur on your own property. If it does, it can be overwhelming to come across. Oftentimes, these scenes contain blood and other biohazard materials which may contain dangerous bacteria and viruses. Because of this, only licensed professionals should remove and clean up the biohazard materials. If you find that a crime or accident has occurred on your property, contact the necessary authorities. Then reach out to restoration professionals to handle the cleaning and restoration work. With our biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE, that are affected by biohazard materials. Our professional technicians will properly remove biohazard materials and clean affected areas using advanced equipment and cleaning products.

ServiceMaster-Hoarding-Cleaning-in-Bellevue-NEHoarding Cleaning – Bellevue, NE

Hoarding affects millions of Americans, and it can be problematic enough to cause dangerous living environments. People affected by hoarding often struggle with depression or anxiety, and that manifests as common hoarding behaviors. When affected individuals accumulate more items, it creates a hazardous living situation because of the clutter. Items block walkways and act as tripping hazards, increasing the potential for injury. Additionally, the clutter can encourage bacteria and mold growth. If you have a loved one who is affected by hoarding, reach out to them to let them know your concern. Only when they have agreed to help should their home be cleaned. With our hoarding cleaning services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help clean the homes of individuals who are affected by hoarding in Bellevue, NE. Our professional technicians work alongside the affected individual — who is in charge — to get rid of unwanted items, clean the home, and restore a safe living space.

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Call (402) 293-1625 to get in touch with ServiceMaster of Sarpy County for any of the aforementioned disaster restoration or cleaning services.

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