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Hoarding Cleaning in Bellevue, NE

Millions of Americans are affected by hoarding, which is an issue that is often misunderstood. Considered a mental disorder, those affected are dealing with anxiety or depression that manifests as hoarding, or an inability to part with items. That said, people affected by hoarding will accumulate contents at home, creating dangerous and unclean living conditions. If you have a loved one affected by hoarding, then approach the situation with caution. You cannot just start sorting through and clearing out the items they have accumulated at home. The affected individual must first come to terms with the hazardous nature of their hoarding behaviors and agree to get hoarding cleaning help.

With our hoarding cleanup services, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can help individuals affected by hoarding clean out their homes in Bellevue, NE. Our professional technicians will work in a respectful manner with the affected person to help clean their home. We help remove items the individual has deemed unwanted, and we will restore safe living conditions by cleaning and disinfecting the property.

Problems Created by Hoarding

Hoarding behaviors are often sourced from anxiety or depression, and these feelings manifest as having a tough time parting with items. The more items those affected keep, the more cluttered their homes become. Hallways and doorways become blocked, and rooms become filled with items. Eventually, these accumulated items present an injury risk, can lead to mold growth, and may become a fire hazard. Additionally, the hoarded items can block essential pathways and exits needed in an emergency situation. Because of this, the home becomes unsafe.

If you know someone who hoards, the best action to take is to reach out and speak to them about the dangerous nature of their situation. They need to be made aware of how unsafe their living environment has become. Once they come to terms with this and agree to clean the home, then it is time to move forward with cleaning. With their permission, get in touch with us for our hoarding cleaning help.

ServiceMaster-Hoarding-Cleaning-in-Bellevue-NEHoarding Cleanup in Bellevue, NE

To begin, we will start by meeting with the affected individual. During this meeting, we assess their home’s condition. Furthermore, we find it essential to develop trust with the affected person, and we will always treat them in a respectful and compassionate manner. The affected individual will also be in charge of the cleaning process. This ensures that only approved items will be removed from the home.

Following item removal, our technicians will effectively clean and restore the home by using advanced cleaning equipment and products. If there is mold or other biohazard materials present in the home, we can safely clean and remove them.

Within our hoarding cleaning services, the following is included:

  • Working with the affected individual: We understand the sensitive nature of hoarding, so we will work with the affected person throughout the cleaning process. Our technicians will develop trust and respect and put the affected individual in charge of the cleaning.
  • Hoarded item removal: Our technicians will help the person sort through their accumulated items and figure out which items should be kept, removed, donated, and recycled.
  • Decontamination: Once items have been removed, we will restore the home to safe and sanitary living conditions through cleaning and decontamination. If the situation involves biohazards, including mold, waste or other organic materials, our technicians can also have them removed.
  • Deodorization: Our technicians use advanced deodorization techniques to treat the home of any lingering odors.
  • Work with Insurance: We will work with the person’s insurance company if an insurance claim is involved.
  • Follow-up: Our technicians will do a follow-up with the affected person to make sure their home remains clean and free of clutter. If necessary, we can conduct additional cleaning services.

Contact Us

If you have a family member, friend, or another loved one who is affected by hoarding, do not forget that hoarding is a mental disorder. Make sure you treat your loved one with respect and compassion when discussing their situation. When they have agreed to get cleaning help, contact ServiceMaster of Sarpy County for hoarding cleaning services.

For hoarding cleaning in Bellevue, NE, and the neighboring areas, call us at (402) 293-1625.

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