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Mold Remediation in Grand Island, NE

Mold disasters are especially hazardous because they can have a negative impact on an individual’s health as well as cause major property damage.  It thrives in moist environments, which is why it is commonly the result of lasting water damage.  Over time, it can cause the building materials to weaken, rot, and eventually collapse.  Mold may also cause allergic reactions that threaten the safety of anyone exposed, but it is better to have a professional service safely remove it and repair the structural damage.

ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities provides professional mold remediation services for homes and businesses in Grand Island, NE and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians are experienced and equipped to safely remove all mold from the affected areas.  We will also repair the damage to the structural materials.

Mold Removal in Grand Island, NE

For mold removal services in Grand Island, NE and the surrounding areas, contact ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities at (308) 390-7150.

Mold Damage

Mold spores require a moist environment and organic food source to grow.  Property materials like wood, drywall, and insulation contain cellulose, which is a valuable food source for mold.  When these materials are exposed to water or excessive amounts of moisture, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.  It is often best to have a professional water damage restoration service tend to water damage to ensure the affected areas are completely dried and to prevent mold growth.

Exposure to mold is a health and safety risk to anyone nearby.  It can cause allergic reactions like coughing, respiratory infections, skin irritation, and throat inflammation.  Long-term exposure may lead to move severe health issues.

ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities is properly equipped to effectively locate all the mold and safely remove it from the property.  We will contain the mold and also prevent it from coming back.  With the help of advanced infrared technology and equipment, we can ensure the complete removal of the mold from the property.  Once the mold spores have been eliminated, we repair any damage caused to structural materials and furnishings.

Responding to Mold on Your Property – What to Do:Mold Remediation Bellevue NE

  • Contact ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities for professional mold remediation services
  • Wipe down condensation from the walls
  • Turn on fans and the air conditioning to increase airflow throughout the property
  • If accessible, use a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture from the affected area
  • Wear protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, breathing mask, and other protective gear whenever you are near the mold

Responding Mold on Your Property – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not come into contact with the mold
  • Do not use or place a fan directly in front of any mold growth – this will cause the mold spores to spread further throughout the property
  • Do not cover up any moldy surfaces with caulk or paint
  • Do not try to clean the mold yourself

Mold Remediation Services:

Our professional mold remediation services include:

  • Thorough inspection of the entire property to diagnose the extent of the damage
  • We will provide a complete inspection report to your insurance company
  • We will contain the mold growth to stop it from spreading further
  • We will devise a custom mold remediation plan to safely and completely remove the mold
  • Our technicians will clean and repair the damage to structural materials and furnishings

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

If you have discovered mold on your property, it is important not to come into contact with the mold as it can cause severe health issues.  Instead, call ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities to receive a free estimate for our professional mold remediation services.  We will safely remove the mold and repair the damage to your home or business.

We are available 24/7 in Grand Island, NE and can be reached at (308) 390-7150.

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