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Hoarding Cleanup in Hastings, NE

In the United States, the mental disorder of hoarding is a growing concern. Some cases regarding hoarding cause affected individuals to feel embarrassed about their situation, putting their safety at risk. Because of all the contents that the person has accumulated, these also act as tripping hazards. There could even be dangerous biohazard materials in the clutter.

ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities can help individuals affected by hoarding through the professional hoarding cleaning services we offer in Hastings, NE. Our professionals will always conduct these services in a compassionate and respectful manner. We will not begin the cleaning process unless the individual has agreed to cleaning help.

Risks Associated with Hoarding

Individuals who struggle with hoarding will never find it easy to part with the belongings they have accumulated. Their inability to let go of items is likely due to feelings of anxiety or depression. But it is important that they get to a point where they can part from their accumulated content because it is a safety hazard for their living space.

However, hoarding cleaning should only be done with the affected individual’s approval. It is often best that a loved one speaks with them concerning the matter, convincing them to get help. Once they agree to cleaning and help, we can start the hoarding cleanup process and work with them to clear their home.

Hoarding-Cleanup-Hastings-NEHoarding Cleaning in Hastings, NE

Following your call, we will promptly arrive at the home to do an inspection. Using our findings, we provide a free estimate for our services and when we conduct our work, our technicians will be patient and compassionate.

The affected individual is in charge of the cleanup process and must approve of our work. Once we have sorted through the items, we finish the job by disinfecting the home and working to remove mold, odors, dirt, stains, and biohazard materials.

The following are included within our professional hoarding cleanup services:

  • Working with compassion and respect: Wanting to be compassionate and respectful to the affected individual, we will conduct our work in a careful manner.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary contents: Our technicians will help sort through the items and offer suggestions to the affected individual about what is worth keeping and what can be discarded.
  • Decontamination: Using powerful cleaning products and methods, we effectively decontaminate the property so it is a safe living space again. We can also provide mold removal and biohazard cleanup services to help restore a healthy living condition.
  • Odor removal: If unpleasant odors are lingering in the home, then we can eliminate the smells by using our advanced cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Working with your insurance: We can work with your insurance provider to see if it can cover the costs for our services.
  • Review: Wanting to provide satisfactory work, a technician will conduct a check-in to ensure you approve of our services.

Respectful Approach to Hoarding Cleaning

There is more to hoarding cleaning than simply getting rid of items and cleaning the home. Knowing this, our professional technicians work in a respectful and compassionate manner while conducting hoarding cleaning work.

Call (308) 390-7150, where we are available on a 24/7 basis, to get in touch with ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities for the professional hoarding cleaning services we provide in Hastings, NE.

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