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Mold Removal in Hastings, NE

Mold growth is known as one of the most dangerous disasters due to the severe property damage and health concerns. Oftentimes, mold grows as a response to untreated water damage or was improperly addressed. Drywall, insulation, wood, and other porous building materials can become breeding grounds for mold when exposed to excess moisture.

When mold grows, the affected materials and surfaces will be weakened, leading to potential extensive structural damage. Exposure to mold can also cause people to suffer from serious health problems. If you do come across mold in your home or business, it is in your best interest to reach out to a professional mold remediation service.

ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities can help homes and businesses affected by mold through our professional mold remediation services in Hastings, NE. Our professional technicians have the training and equipment to locate and remove all cases of mold in a safe and effective manner. We also provide reconstruction services to handle repairs for damaged structural elements.

Mold Damage

Mold spores exist in the air naturally, so there is always a possibility for mold growth to occur. All mold spores needs to start growing mold colonies is excess moisture and organic materials to use as a food source. So untreated water damage can easily cause mold to grow in your property. That said, always seek professional water damage restoration help when your home or business has sustained damage by water.

When people are exposed to mold, it can cause them to suffer from serious health issues. This can include allergic reactions like coughing, throat inflammation, respiratory infections, skin irritation, and more. The longer a person is exposed to mold, the worse the health problems will be.

Mold Removal in Hastings, NE

Call (308) 390-7150 to reach ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities for professional mold removal services in the Hastings, NE, area.

At ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities, our professional technicians know how to properly contain and remove mold, prevent it from spreading elsewhere, and repair the damage to your property’s structure.

Using infrared technology and advanced equipment, we will find all cases of mold, including concealed cases and powerful chemicals will be used to eliminate mold spores. Once mold has been removed, we then make structural repairs.

Mold-Remediation-Services-Hastings-NEDiscovery of Mold on Your Property – What to Do:

  • Reach out to ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities for the professional mold remediation services we provide.
  • When near mold, make sure to wear gloves, eyewear, a breathing mask, and other protective equipment.
  • Increase airflow within the property by turning on fans or the air conditioning.
  • Wipe condensation from walls.
  • Run a dehumidifier, if you have one, to remove excess moisture.

Responding to the Discovery of Mold – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not touch the mold.
  • Do not try cleaning the mold and the areas it damaged on your own.
  • Do not use caulk or paint to cover moldy surfaces.
  • Do not directly use or place a fan in front of a moldy surface. This will simply encourage the mold spores to spread throughout the property.

Mold Remediation Services in Hastings

The following are included within our professional mold remediation services:

  • Thorough property inspection to figure out the mold growth’s extent and potential property damage
  • Providing a complete inspection report to your insurance company
  • Mold growth containment to stop it from spreading elsewhere in the property
  • Creating a personalized mold remediation plan for safe and effective mold removal
  • Thorough cleaning and repairs for mold damaged surfaces, furnishings, and structural elements

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Mold growth can cause serious property damage and health problems that will only worsen the longer it goes unaddressed. Knowing this, get in touch with ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities so that our qualified professionals can remove the mold, clean the property, and repair and restore the affected areas.

For a free estimate, call (308) 390-7150 to get in touch with us for our professional mold remediation services in Hastings, NE. We can be reached on a 24/7 basis to help with mold emergencies.

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