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Water Damage Restoration in Lincoln, NE

There are multiple ways for water damage to cause problems in your home or business.  Due to the many possible sources, it is important to know how to respond in the event it occurs.  Water damage must be addressed as quickly as possible to minimize the overall extent of damage, but it can still spread if the affected areas aren’t dried properly.  This is why it’s best to consult a professional restoration service to handle the cleanup.

ServiceMaster of Lancaster County provides professional water damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Lincoln, NE.  We are properly trained and equipped to remove excess water, completely dry the affected area, and restore the damage to the structural materials and furnishings.  We also work quickly to contain the water and prevent the damages from spreading further.

Water Damage Restoration in Lincoln, NE

Call ServiceMaster of Lancaster County at (402) 434-2197 for water damage restoration if your home or business in Lincoln, NE has been affected.

Different sources that may lead to water damage in your home or building include heavy rainfall, natural flooding, sewage backup, leaking, and burst pipes.  If the water damages are left unattended for too long, the water can be absorbed by porous building materials, like wood and drywall, leading to structural damage and the increased risk of mold growth.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster of Lancaster County are IICRC-certified and insured, so you can trust we will provide top quality customer service.  We are experienced in performing professional water damage restoration services, first preventing it from spreading, then extract it while drying the affected areas and repairing the damaged building materials and furnishings. We can also provide mold removal if necessary.

ServiceMaster-by-JLK-Water-Damage-RestorationWater Damage Restoration – What to Do:

  • Remove any items not tacked to the floor, like area floor rugs.
  • If the weather permits, allow an increased airflow within the home or business by opening a window.
  • Prop up furniture pillows, cushions, and skirts to help them dry.
  • Hang up draperies to allow them to dry and to keep them off the ground.
  • Tightly pack books together on the shelves.
  • Use a mop to dry excess water or to blot the affected areas dry.
  • Immediately call ServiceMaster of Lancaster County for emergency water damage restoration services.

Water Restoration – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not enter any rooms or areas with serious electrical or structural damage.
  • Do not try extracting the excess water using a standard vacuum.
  • Do not try to remove carpeting or furnishings that are tacked to the floor.
  • Do not touch the water if contaminated by sewage.

Water Mitigation in Lincoln, NE

Our professional water damage restoration services include:

  • Emergency Response and Inspection: We are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies. We act quickly in responding to the water damage and repair the affected areas.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: We use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to effectively and efficiently remove the excess water from the property and dry the affected area.
  • Reinstallation and Cleaning: To thoroughly dry and repair all areas, we’ll move furniture and other large objects out of the way. After the repairs, we will move the items back to their original place.
  • Structural Repairs: We are equipped to provide reconstruction services to restore any structural damages caused by the water.

Available 24/7

If your home or business in Lincoln, NE or the surrounding area is damaged from excessive amounts of water or leaking, it is important to address the affected area as soon as possible.

Contact ServiceMaster of Lancaster County at (402) 434-2197 for professional water damage restoration services.

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