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Biohazard Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup in Omaha, NE

Nobody considers the possibility of a violent crime or major accident that results in an injury or death occurring on their property.  As small as this chance is, violent crimes and accidents do happen and knowing how to react in such a situation will help you protect yourself.  These scenes are not only disturbing to encounter, but they are also dangerous as biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids that can spread infection and disease may be present.  You need to call the proper authorities in the immediate aftermath, as well as a licensed professional that can safely clean and restore the scene.

At ServiceMaster of Sarpy County, we provide biohazard cleanup services to clean and restore scenes like this in Omaha, NE.  Our technicians use advanced equipment and cleaning products to remove all dangerous biohazard materials and ensure the scene is safe.  We will always take a respectful approach to these situations and we are also prepared to work with law enforcement in cases involving a crime.

Biohazard-and-Trauma-Scene-Cleaning-Services-in-Omaha-NETrauma and Crime Scenes

When a violent crime or major accident occurs, the scene left behind is often very dangerous.  Biohazard materials like blood and bodily fluids usually contaminate the scene and if a violent crime has occurred, there could also be a weapon left at the scene.  Blood and other biohazard materials may contain viruses, bacteria, and other toxins that can easily spread disease or infection.  Law enforcement and EMT professionals cannot safely clean up these scenes which is why calling our professionals is important.

Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and equipped to handle crime scene cleaning involving dangerous biohazard materials.  We use powerful cleaning products and disinfectants and we keep ourselves safe by using personal protective equipment (PPE).

You can expect the following from our crime scene cleaning services:

  • Removal of biohazard materials: All dangerous biohazard materials are completely removed and disposed of at a licensed medical waste facility.
  • Cleaning and decontamination: We will thoroughly clean the affected area using powerful cleaning products and ensure that the area is decontaminated to eliminate the risk of disease or infection.
  • Odor removal: All lingering odors will be removed using advanced deodorization methods.
  • Continuous monitoring: We work diligently and discreetly to get the job done and we will communicate with you through the entire process.
  • Family assistance and support: Our professionals will always approach you and your loved ones with respect and compassion. We can also put those mourning a loss in touch with counseling professionals.
  • Certified technicians: We are properly trained and licensed to handle biohazard cleanup while staying in compliance with local and state government regulations.

Available 24/7

If a situation involving a serious accident or violent crime occurs on your property in Omaha, NE, you must make sure you call the proper authorities as well as our professionals at ServiceMaster of Sarpy County.  Our technicians will ensure all dangerous materials are removed and that the area is safely restored to its previous condition.

We are available 24 hours a day at (402) 293-1625 for biohazard and crime scene cleanup services in Omaha, NE.

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