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Burst Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Omaha, NE

When water within your pipes freezes, this can become a major issue as there is a possibility that the frozen pipe can burst. This is because the ice within the pipe will continue to expand which builds pressure within the pipe. With enough pressure, the pipe will burst and cause a significant amount of water to spill into your property.  If you do not take action immediately after a pipe burst, it may result in extensive water damage.

Serving Omaha, NE, ServiceMaster of Sarpy County provides burst pipe water damage restoration services to help clean up homes and businesses. We will remove the excess water and moisture from your property and fully restore the resulting damage.

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing


You cannot stop the freezing cold temperatures of winter from coming, but you can take certain measures to prevent your property’s pipes from freezing:

  • Have a slow drip run from your faucets to keep water flowing through the pipes.
  • Open up the cabinet doors that are beneath sinks so that those pipes can get some warm air.
  • Insulate pipes located in vulnerable areas by adding pipe insulation or electrical tape to them.
  • To ensure pipes stay warm, safely set up a space heater in the areas that have uninsulated pipes.
  • Take the time to shut off the outdoor water supply and bring in your garden hose.

ServiceMaster-By-JLK-Burst-Pipes-Cleanup-Omaha-NEThawing Frozen Pipes

The aforementioned tips help prevent frozen pipes, but there are still instances in which your actions cannot stop your pipes from becoming frozen. If you find frost on your pipes or encounter low water pressure, there is likely a frozen pipe in your home. Check out the following steps to thaw the frozen pipes:

  • Find out which line has the frozen pipe.
  • Track down the exact location of the freeze.
  • Inspect the pipe for damage: frost, ice, bulges etc.
  • Thaw the pipe carefully by using a hair dryer or heat lamp but never an open flame of any kind.
  • If you need easier access to the pipe, remove the drywall.
  • Turn the faucet on to allow water to slowly run through the pipe.

Burst Pipe Flood Cleanup in Omaha, NE

With the cold temperatures of the winter, there is always a possibility for frozen and burst pipes. If you do experience a burst pipe, seek help from a water damage restoration professional right away. The water that spills out from the pipes and enters your property will cause damage quickly, so shut off the main water line. Then get in touch with our professionals to handle the water damage.

With our frozen pipe damage restoration services, your property will be restored to its previous condition. Our technicians use professional grade equipment to extract excess moisture from porous materials and to eliminate standing water.

We will then remove any building materials that have suffered permanent damage, restore all affected areas, and provide mold removal services if needed.

Emergency Contact

Call ServiceMaster of Sarpy County at (402) 293-1625 for our burst pipe water damage restoration services. We offer our services in Omaha, NE, on a 24/7 basis.

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