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Water Damage Restoration in Omaha, NE

The majority of property damage cases are the result of water or flooding.  This is because water can enter a home or building in many different ways and it only takes a small amount of water to cause damage.  Weather conditions like rain and flooding as well as other issues inside the home such as plumbing and appliance issues, leaks, overflows, and sewage backups can cause water damage.  The reason you need to react to water damage so quickly is because water gets absorbed in porous building materials and furnishings.  This can result in serious damage and mold growth and this damage will continue to spread.

At ServiceMaster of Sarpy County, we provide water damage restoration services in Omaha, NE to help homes and businesses affected by flooding and excess water.  Our technicians can remove standing water and excess moisture with advanced water extraction and drying equipment, and we will also restore the damaged areas.

Water Damage Restoration in Omaha, NE

For water damage restoration services in the Omaha, NE area, contact ServiceMaster of Sarpy County at 402-293-1625.

Problems with Water Damage

Water, whether in the form of condensation, a leak, or standing flood water, can cause serious damage within your home or building.  Common furnishings and building materials like wood and drywall are porous and absorb water which contributes to the damage of these materials and the spreading of the water.  If these materials absorb enough water, they can lose their structural integrity.  Mold is another potential issue as moisture allows mold growth to form.  The presence of mold will increase the damage and threaten the health of those exposed.

If your home or building is affected by water damage, you need to call our professionals at ServiceMaster of Sarpy County right away.  As you await our arrival, you can take these actions to limit the damage:

  • Remove area rugs and non-permanent flooring.
  • Open windows and doors to help with the drying if the weather permits.
  • Prop up pillows and cushions on your furniture to help with drying and put aluminum foil under all furniture legs.
  • Keep drapery off the floor by putting it through a coat hanger and putting the hanger on the rod.
  • Keep books on their shelves until we can treat them with our specialized drying process.
  • Remove excess water by mopping or blot drying.

What not to do after water damage:

  • Do not try to remove water with a regular vacuum.
  • Do not enter a room with standing water until the electricity is shut off.
  • Do not come into contact with sewage water.
  • Do not remove permanent flooring and carpeting.

Water-Damage-Restoration-Omaha-NEWater Restoration Services

Our technicians are prepared to deal with any level of water damage from a leak to standing flood water.  We will stop the water from spreading and remove it to using advanced water extraction and drying equipment.  Once the water is removed, we will repair and restore the damaged area and provide mold removal if needed.

Our water damage restoration services consist of the following steps:

  • Emergency response: We are available 24 hours a day and will respond as soon as possible to stop the water from spreading and assess the damage.
  • Water extraction and drying: We use advanced water extraction equipment that can remove standing water and our drying and dehumidification equipment can extract moisture from affected materials.
  • Reinstallation and cleaning: We will thoroughly clean and restore the damaged areas and materials and move large objects to ensure effective cleaning.
  • Structural repairs: We can repair the structural damage caused by excess water and flooding.

Available 24/7

If your home or business in Omaha, NE is affected by flooding or excess water, call our professionals at ServiceMaster of Sarpy County immediately for professional water damage restoration.  You can expect our IICRC-certified professionals to arrive quickly and provide effective restoration services.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (402) 293-1625 for water damage emergencies in Omaha, NE.

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